2009 $1.7 M Collections, $1.32 M Value, & Practice as PT Dentist! – SOLD

This is a True Transition practice: the seller purchased the practice just 8 years ago and still has the original seller working for him, and now the (current) seller will stay working as a dentist post-sale as well!

The seller is a great example of seeking quality of life and making the purchase of a dental practice a sound business investment with clear goals and an end in sight from the beginning, not just ‘buying a job’!

If you’ve heard that it ‘doesn’t work to keep a seller around’ then come learn about this situation and the opportunity this practice offers to learn the business of dentistry and not have to be a full-time clinician!

The practice/business is located in a cooler part of Arizona and would help balance out any summer lulls your Valley practice may have (it’s busier in the mountains in the summer than the winter) and provides another source of income and future equity, too!

Call us to schedule a visit to discuss this and other unique business approaches to the practice of dentistry! 480-827-8384