Broker or a True Transition?

Some excerpts from a recent email with a purchaser (rather, a person with a dental license looking to become a small business owner):

Purchaser: “Another broker I met with once before said to me ‘I have never met a buyer that felt the price wasnt to high’.”

Response: We are NOT brokers – they just introduce people and wait around for something to happen so they can collect a commission – we HAVE had purchasers who didn’t feel the price was too high (and even some who have offered more because they realized the value of the relationship with the seller was far greater than the resulting monthly payment) – so we don’t subscribe to the ‘get a good deal/price’ philosophy, rather a ‘get a good opportunity’ and make it worth more than it was purchased for through an effective transition and business plan as an owner, not just reselling because it was purchased at a ‘low tide’ in prices.
Value has remained consistent for us, while brokers have fluctuated between 60% and 95% over the past 5 years for the same practices.

Purchaser: “I feel there are some very logical reasons why 75 is well above what that practice is actually worth in todays market.”

Response: This is why brokers have ‘price reduced’ all over their ads – not because the value went down, but because there is now more work to the process of transitioning a practice because buyers are cautious in the market and won’t just buy something for the sake of buying – but recognize, instead of providing the education and business plan to a transition, they want the quick buck of a commission and sacrifice the value of their clients’ practices. A business with cash flow is actually worth more in today’s economy and jobs are more risky because of the unkowns of someone else’s business practices and financial health.