Do you feel like retirement is near and you’d like to leave your legacy to a new dentist? Do you want to hand off ownership of your practice but continue to earn income as an associate? Are you considering hiring an associate? There are many ways to sell and transition your practice and we can help guide you through the process. The goal is to transition your practice at the right time and to the right person. We want to listen to what you want to accomplish and then create a plan of attack. We will advise you on each option and explain how it will work for you.

Our experience in the business of dentistry will provide a quick and smooth transition, no matter which path you choose to sell your practice. We can list your practice and help find a qualified buyer or an associate for you.  Our potential buyers/associates are screened so you can feel confident that they can acquire a loan, perform the procedures in your practice, and meet the expectations that you have given us to acquire the perfect candidate.