Half Ownership in Growing Dental Practice near Albuquerque

Become a half owner in this practice and continue to help it grow.

Half FFS/PPO and half medicaid.

Current doctor can help teach new doctor to work well with medicaid- it is profitable and welcome in this office.

Doctor could work Wed-Fri here and have another PT job in or around Albuquerque on Mon, Tues and/or Sat.  Practice is far enough from town that restrictive covenants won’t be problem, but close enough that the commute won’t be a burden.

This practice is booked far in advance and needs another doctor.  Building is owned by current doctor and plans for expansion are thought out- once expanded both doctors can work full time in the office and hygiene can be expanded.

There are many benefits to multi-doctor ownership, including the ability to easily schedule time off.

Call Ryan today at 505-916-1161 to learn more about this opportunity.

If it is after hours or the weekend, you can still let us know you are interested in this Dental Practice Opportunity by using our 24/7 contact form. You can tell us when and how to contact you. Click Here!